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About Direct Moulding

Established in 2005, Direct Moulding distributes quality, well designed picture frame moulding, available in chop, length and box quantities. We source our mouldings from some of the very best manufacturers in Italy, Malaysia, and China.

Direct Moulding is low overhead and efficient. Our well priced, fine wood mouldings are used by:

  • Chain Retailers.
  • Distributors.
  • Framed Picture Manufacturers to the home décor industry.
  • Volume Framers to the hospitality, corporate, gallery and designer markets.
  • Retail Picture Framers.

Specialty Mouldings Offered:

  • Direct Moulding is the world’s largest manufacturer of exotic KOA VENEER moulding.
  • We source exotic, unique woods in custom finishes and profiles.
  • Our hand-finished distressed finishes are among the finest available anywhere.
  • We offer hand-leafed metallic and acid-washed finishes that are unsurpassed.
  • The expressive mouldings of the The DM Dzigns Collection are revolutionizing the picture framing industry, bringing out the Rock Star in all of us!
  • The New Car Collection is the first of its kind, automotive metallic paint on contemporary wood profiles.

Additional Services:

  • Sourcing from our reliable manufacturers, Direct Moulding can produce a wide, varied selection of custom mouldings according to your specifications.
  • Direct Moulding brokers full- and less-than-container moulding shipments from our manufacturers.
  • Direct Moulding can design and produce your proprietary, expressive mouldings per your specifications.